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Escher Verification Studio: its parts and versions

Escher Verification Studio includes Perfect Developer and Escher C Verifier, but you may have chosen to use only one of these, in which case not all of this information will apply to your system. The Project Manager, the Escher Tool, and rubric.pdc are used by both PD and eCv. The file builtin.pdc is used by PD only, and ecv.pdc is used by eCv only.

To find your version

The version of Project Manager running is shown in the Help->About box.
When you start a build, check, verify, or cross-reference, you can see the version of the Escher Tool displayed in the Results window.
The builtin.pdc, ecv.pdc, rubric.pdc versions are shown , when applicable, in the Verification Report.
Current Release version information for Windows:
Project Manager: 7.0 EscherTool: 7.0
builtin.pdc: 7.0 ecv.pdc: 7.0
rubric.pdc: 7.0
Current Release version information for Linux:
Project Manager: 6.10.01 EscherTool: 6.10.01
builtin.pdc: 6.10 ecv.pdc: 6.10
rubric.pdc: 6.10

Escher Verification Studio documentation common to both Perfect Developer and Escher C Verifier

A general purpose guide to Escher Verification Studio and the Project Manager interfaceUser Guide (HTML) * List of verification condition types (PDF) *

Escher C Verifier

eCv Reference Manual (HTML) * eCv Reference Manual (PDF) *

Perfect Developer

Tutorials (HTML) Perfect Developer FAQ
Language Reference Manual (HTML) * Language Reference Manual (PDF) *
Knowledge Base (HTML) Perfect Developer Teaching Materials page
* means that this is included in standard releases
If you have a question which you cannot answer using the resources here, please ask us for email help, but do be aware that priority is given to customers with support contracts and it may be some days before we have time to get back to you.
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